About Us

We are not just a consultancy; we are a complete Recruitment & Selection solution, serving as the bridge that connects competent professionals to various clients in Brazil and abroad.

We strive to evolve and bring talent to your business quickly and accurately. This is our mission: to deliver with speed, excellence, and quality!

We are more than just a Consultancy; we are your Partners!
DILL IT CONSULTING embodies an innovative DNA, specializing in the recruitment of technology professionals with expertise in IT solutions.

Company Mission

Our aim is to be a consultancy of excellence in delivering technology services, attracting the most prominent companies in the country to our client portfolio. We provide a comprehensive, tailored, and secure service infrastructure that ensures the success of both our business and that of our clients.

  • Skilled

    Focusing on the IT market, we ensure maximum accuracy in our selection processes.

  • Confidential

    When the company or the job position cannot be identified in the market, Dill IT operates with utmost confidentiality.

  • International

    In addition to serving all of Brazil, we also conduct hunting services for other countries such as Chile, Portugal, Mexico, the USA, Canada, and more.

IT Services

Our primary calling is the provision of outsourced solutions,
integrated through technology, processes, and people.

With a stronger focus on software development processes, our scope extends across the entire IT infrastructure of companies, encompassing System Development, Governance, Information Security, Infrastructure (IT and Telecom), Technical Support, and Operations.

  • DevOps

  • System

  • Azure/AWS

  • Programming

  • Governance and Compliance

  • Cloud

  • Projects

  • Testing

  • Fullstack

  • Mobile

We provide services to companies of various sizes and across diverse economic sectors. The majority of our clients consistently rank among the 'Best and Largest' in Exame magazine's listings. Our 'performance+result' strategy is built upon the technical prowess of our team and our extensive consultancy experience. It was established to continually raise the standard of service commitment we offer.


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